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Aleto Foundation

Aleto Foundation

– Sir Ken Olisa OBE (Chairman of Board of Trustees) – Michael Hall (Board of Trustees)

The Aleto Foundation’s ambition is to develop a generation of leaders forged from young men and women who have overcome adversity to win a place at a prestigious university but whose progress is likely to be held back by the presence of a confidence deficit which hits them on arrival. We have tested our thinking and intent on a willing constituency of highly talented young people whose heritage is African or Caribbean.

Finding those future leaders is not an easy task and so we are enormously grateful to SThree Group (a global recruitment company whose CEO is one of our Trustees Gary Elden OBE) which invested over two weeks of senior staff time and resources to help us to whittle hundreds of applications to a long list of 80 candidates to identify 60 successful attendees for each Leadership Programme. After years of languishing as something of a minor concern on the policy periphery, social mobility has recently burst onto the centre stage of British thinking.

In recent times, three events have combined to focus the public’s attention on this critical aspect of life in the UK. MP David Lammy’s investigation into Oxbridge’s openness to students from a BAME background, the first national Social Mobility Awards organised by the charity Making the Leap and publication of the Prime Minister’s race audit have all combined to shine a light on the unjust truth that background affects one’s life chances.

While others focus on dismantling the many barriers – imagined and real – the Aleto Foundation is devoted to aiding the development of a new generation of leaders who will be able to repair the systemic root causes. The Aleto Foundation alumni are people whose humbler origins, endow them with the understanding and empathy needed to be in the vanguard of the guidance of our great nation.


We do this in two ways:

Each year we host multi-day Leadership Programmes (or ‘boot camps’) structured to provide our delegates with a life-changing confidence boost which will enable them to deal as equals with their student peers; and

Each year’s cohort joins the Aleto Alumni which has grown into a powerhouse of enthusiastic young people who understand the importance of personal development, group support and contribution to the well-being of others.

We owe an enormous debt to Deloitte, Accenture and BT who have hosted our Leadership Programmes for highly talented undergraduates from deserving backgrounds and to the SThree Group who assisted us in the selection process. – Sir Ken Olisa OBE (Chairman of Board of Trustees)