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Aviva: eCommerce efficiency

Aviva: eCommerce efficiency

Aviva: eCommerce efficiency


Aviva provides around 31 million customers worldwide with insurance, savings and investment products.  They are the UK’s largest insurer and one of Europe’s leading providers of life and general insurance.


Due to multiple internal layers, Thebes undertook significant risks in running the project.  Discovery, statement of works, PO, and change, were all delayed at many stages, and change control was difficult.

Thebes worked at risk to deliver the project on time.


  • Turned a failing service into a success from the customer’s perspective
  • Created a deployment tool to reduce cost
  • Reduced service outages by 75% – implementing automation of ‘best practice’ health checks
  • Deployed 400 business changes per month
  • Reduced application deployment failures by 30%
  • Reduced deployment time by 40%
  • Removal of 70 redundant application modules to release


  • £1.5M in operation savings delivered in the first 6 months
  • Reduced resourcing by near shoring from far shoring as a solution – 52 pax, reduced to 24 through onsite and offsite and near-shoring
  • Identified £4m in license savings
Thebes was the original supplier for ABN Amro & HP, providing market data engineering, applications and support services.   After a successful relationship, they introduced the client based on Aviva’s requirements which required specialist capabilities in middleware.

With in-house capabilities using IBM WebSphere, Thebes secured the contract to transform Aviva’s eBusiness delivery model to one that was cost effective, flexible and scalable.  By providing a strategic mix of in-house, best shore and Thebes’ own resources, the client’s expectations were surpassed.

The task was to build a configuration around WebSphere (middleware), plus deployment and operations; admin support was subsequently added to the contract.


  • Improved diagnosis and resolution of persistent problem areas
  • Automation of data capture
  • Introduced deeper dive capability
  • Implemented Thebes automated deployment software suite
  • Clearly defined technology alerting and expert advice
  • Introduced standard, repeatable processes
  • Monthly maintenance of the security infrastructure
  • Proactively monitored core environmental issues
  • Activated an ‘Eye on glass’ monitoring service

Current status
Thebes remains a HP partner today, working with IBM WebSphere tools to provide additional services.


“Thebes Group have helped us turn our eCommerce business around and in the process, reduced wastage and overheads that we would have otherwise been carrying as legacy.  They are a talented team of IT professionals, and our original contract brief and expectations were exceeded.”



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