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 Worldpay: development & implementation of NAP


Worldpay is a global leader in the payments processing industry and provides payment solutions, such as the new Apple Pay to merchant customers.


  • Project recovery and delivery
  • Completion to final agreed schedule
  • Ability to rapidly adapt to changing internal customer requirements and timelines
  • Imbed and integrate a brand new team to existing team


  • Initial impact analysis showed a 90-day delay in delivery due to getting a brand new team up to speed. The actual impact was less than 60 days.
  • Thebes created a new automated workflow management system with an evolved team calendar and dashboards to allow a more efficient working structure.
  • Delivered environments to meet internal customer requirements and timelines.


  • Our initial engagement with Worldpay included the delivery of Middleware elements into the test and dev environments of the platform. Thebes Group is now responsible for the entire Infrastructure and Operations NAP programme of work, which includes building the pre-production and production environments. Upon completion, Thebes Group will have created the entire NAP infrastructure from start to finish.
  • Within four weeks, a new plan was in place which had sign off from senior leaders; we deployed the new team and began to deliver against the new plan.
  • Provided a fixed term ‘surge’ team who, within two weeks of being asked, carried out knowledge transfer between the project and BAU teams.
  • Frequently praised by Worldpay senior management for the professionalism of our team and quality of our work.
Thebes Group was engaged by Worldpay in May 2014 to recover the highly prolific NAP (New Acquiring Platform) project which had fallen considerably behind in delivery. On completion of this, Worldpay will be an entirely separate business from RBS and will have rebuilt the entire collection of systems and processes which they use to process payments for customers.

The project is vast, with many different aspects involving teams across the globe. Thebes Group were initially asked to deploy a Programme Management and Middleware Team to build the base infrastructure and to steer the project in the right direction. This is a significant part of the project, without which, nothing else could be deployed or implemented.


  • Managed service team of eleven, including Senior Middleware (Oracle and IBM) associates, Database Analysts, Linux DevOps Engineers, two Deployment Consultants, and one Programme Manager lead by Thebes’ onsite Service Delivery Manager.
  • Specialist Middleware consultants are tasked to deliver Middleware build and support functions.
  • Programme Management is lead by a dedicated resource who is responsible for keeping the project within the agreed boundaries, ensuring it is delivered according to the approved plan and reporting back to the NAP Programme Board on the status of the project.
  • Middleware capabilities include both Oracle and IBM.
  • Programme, project management and technical consultancy.
  • The PMO function within the project is lead by Thebes’ onsite Service Delivery Manager, ensuring reports and plan maintenance are carried out accurately and when required to keep the senior leaders and stakeholders informed of the project status and to ensure the continued viability of the project.

Current status

Production environment is now live.
PPE environments are being leveraged for NFT use.
NDT environments are being leveraged for FT use.
Currently delivering efficiently in a commoditised way and have created many automated process to help this process.
Planned environment deliveries have been achieved and future deliverables are on track.
Achieved final NAP timeline on time.

Expected to be an ongoing contract for managed service to further reduce client costs.


“Thebes Group have been an outstanding partner – understanding our needs, being responsive and delivering great work through their talented team and expert use of the right technology. We look forward to an ongoing and successful relationship with Thebes as a collaborative services provider.”



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