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Technical Operations Centre (TOC)

Thebes’ team provides technical expertise across a range of industries to ensure the right resources, applications, and business knowledge is applied to efficiently manage clients’ systems.

  • Monitoring tools and dashboards are put in place to react in real time
  • Costly downtime for clients minimised
  • Experienced teams and use of IT to keep software and firmware updated to fully optimise systems
  • On-site, remote, or a hybrid solution from Thebes’ Event Escalation Centre

Thebes Group ensures a tailored service when clients have systems in place so that resources for mundane tasks are eliminated.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Thebes Group offers a fully tailored NOC solution for businesses.  Whether you have an IT team that is currently overwhelmed or no technology resource in-house, Thebes provides skilled professionals with a multitude of experience to manage a NOC solution.  Our IT professionals are available 24/7 and 365 days, and bring up-to-date market and industry expertise.

Our NOC personnel are trained to monitor your network around the clock to ensure it operates at its peak.  Thebes’ NOC engineers take immediate action when necessary, alerting your support staff as required.

An outsourced NOC solution provides:

  • Significant reduction in downtime
  • Immediate management of incidents occurring 24x7 & 365 days
  • Increased end user and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational overheads
  • Reduced managerial & HR time and effort






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