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Assured Services

As an Assured Outcome Provider, we are part of a new generation of professional service companies that are providing innovative solutions to organisations who have a requirement for temporary services and boutique outsourcing.

Using forward thinking business models, we are able to engage with organisations in a transparent manner to squash inefficiencies and drive success. Working as an Assured Outcome provider rather than a subcontractor, we ensure that our customers;

  • are assisted in defining service levels or outcomes in a rapid time frame
  • have the ability to retain IP once any engagement has concluded
  • can reduce or increase any engagement without lengthy notice periods
  • can reduce or increase capacity during the engagement without lengthy change control
  • can monitor and measure the progress of an engagement against agreed timeframes or service levels
  • are assisted in providing the feedback loop between HR/Procurement and the IT function
  • can reduce inefficiencies in costs and ensure that these are underwritten and delivered




Cherwell Partner