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HEED – Intelligent and Dynamic Workflow

Heed is an action oriented messaging tool for enterprise communication. Heed significantly reduces inefficiency, generating significant cost savings for your business.

Utilising our intelligent and dynamic work flow service, Heed minimises effort and maximises efficiency in handling your ITSM Software requests. Whether it be incident management or change requests/approvals, Heed can automate this process, ensuring critical information reaches its intended audience in real-time and avoiding any breakdown in communication.

Heed not only ensures that ITSM Software requests reach the appropriate users in real-time but allows for condition based response work flows to be triggered dynamically, entirely dependent on the response provided by the user. Minimising loss of key information and automating the process entirely.

Ensure ITSM Software change requests and approvals are not ignored by delivering actionable and targeted alerts directly to the user’s screens, avoiding large email volumes and ensuring requests are dealt with instantly.