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ITSM for IT Users and Customer

IT Service Management For IT Consumers

Today’s consumers have a much higher expectation for a modern service experience, shaped by the use of high tech consumer applications, both in and outside of the workplace.

Our key IT Consumer capabilities include:

  • Portal
  • Service catalogue
  • Knowledge Management
  • Incident management
  • Remote control*
  • Request management
  • Social IT*
  • BYOD
  • Mobile interface
  • Mobile access
  • Password reset
  • IT status dashboards for customers of IT
  • Chat Integration*
  • Service Survey
  • Shadow IT

*Delivered by highly integrated third party apps

“Digital” changed everything

The challenge for IT recently has been to keep up with increasing demand for a modern aka highly demanding consumer experience.  Customers want to go to one place, where all services are available to them and are digitally connected – they require easy, intuitive, consolidated and on-demand access.

Connected mobility


To be competitive, businesses must have a highly mobile workforce where their staff can access service any time, any place, anywhere, on any device.  To realise this, Thebes implement Cherwell’s range of solutions from mobile applications through to web interfaces for iOS®, Android™, mobile and tablet.  These tools empower employees to carry out their duties efficiently, in a more flexible and connected way.


Cherwell’s codeless flexibility

Thebes and Cherwell’s winning partnership – we understand that consumers from different sectors and different departments have different needs.  The Cherwell platform is flexible and enables businesses to build rich, branded user experiences.

With a Cherwell ITSM solution, clients have a complete 360-degree end-to-end service management view that streamlines and automates IT services across the enterprise. Cherwell’s portal technology provides the window of rich experience into your IT services.



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