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Managed & Outsourced Services

Managed & Outsourced Services

For the past two decades, Thebes Group has been a trusted IT service provider offering ‘flex and stretch’ solutions for businesses.  From infrastructure and business intelligence analysis, to specifics like database and middleware automation, service desk and incident management, Thebes develop strategic solutions and deploy experienced IT professionals to achieve outstanding performance and efficiencies.

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With professional expertise using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, we meet clients’ needs across a wide range of services to enhance their IT functions:

From TOC, NOC, Service Desk and Service Delivery, to Build Configuration, Implementation and Deploy, as well as Incident, Problem, and Change Management, DevOps and Cloud services.

In addition to horizontal specialties, we support business critical applications in areas such as ITSM, GRC, Cyber Security, Market Data, and Network Operations Centres.

Whether fully managed, outsourced, or a hybrid solution, Thebes is able to assume clients’ IT functions, so they can focus on their core capabilities.

Depending on clients’ specific requirements, Thebes offer Near Shoring using UK talent, Managed Services, Outsourcing, or skilled professionals when needed.  In line with our business model, Thebes offer flexible solutions to manage the most complex environments efficiently and securely.

In a market where buyers are obsessed with the cost of input, our processes focus on supplying Assured Outcomes – specified results that are on time and on budget.  Our ‘flex and stretch’ approach gives clients control over the number and skill range of Thebes’ resources, whether contracted on the basis of Time & Materials, Projects or operational Service Level Agreements.



Technical Operations Centre (TOC)

Thebes’ team provides technical expertise across a range of industries to ensure the right resources, applications, and business knowledge is applied to efficiently manage clients’ systems.

  • Monitoring tools and dashboards are put in place to react in real time
  • Costly downtime for clients minimised
  • Experienced teams and use of IT to keep software and firmware updated to fully optimise systems
  • On-site, remote, or a hybrid solution from Thebes’ Service Center



Thebes Group ensures a tailored service when clients have systems in place so that resources for mundane tasks are eliminated


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Thebes Group offers a fully tailored NOC solution for businesses.  Whether you have an IT team that is currently overwhelmed or no technology resource in-house, Thebes provides skilled professionals with a multitude of experience to manage a NOC solution.  Our IT professionals are available 24/7 and 365 days, and bring up-to-date market and industry expertise.

Our NOC personnel are trained to monitor your network around the clock to ensure it operates at its peak.  Thebes’ NOC engineers take immediate action when necessary, alerting your support staff as required.

An outsourced NOC solution provides:

  • Significant reduction in downtime
  • Immediate management of incidents occurring 24×7 & 365 days
  • Increased end user and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational overheads
  • Reduced managerial & HR time and effort


Service Desk and Technical Support

Thebes Group provides options for fully on site, offsite, or a hybrid service desk.  Our flexible model is to provide a quality service with a team of experienced and qualified engineers for the best outcome.

A Managed or Outsourced Service Desk Technical Support provides:

  • 24×7 & 365 days’ technical support or times to suit your business requirements
  • Single Point of contact for all ticket logging
  • Qualified technicians from 1st Line contact all the way through to fault resolution
  • Service Level Agreement, tailored to your requirements
  • No requirement to cover Holiday or Sick leave
  • ITIL standard documentation on a Customer-by-Customer basis; processes designed for your requirements
  • Full documented escalation process 24×7 & 365 days
  • Scheduled Service Delivery Reviews for performance and to maintain/develop customer relationships
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Management of 3rd party support contracts along with warranty management & supplier relationships
  • Free up internal resource to concentrate on Business Critical Systems


DevOps Admin Support

As seen in many businesses today, clients engage large teams to develop robust operations for them after which they end up with an over abundance of resources, and to a great degree, over qualified expertise and expense.

As a consulting partner, Thebes Group is able to provide the appropriate Admin Support with the right talents and experience to manage upkeep and maintenance at a fraction of the cost.

Our Near Shoring capabilities allow us to take over tasks for several clients concurrently as we bring the benefit of scale – with specialist teams for a long-term solution.

Consultative involvement during the development phase ensures we take time to know what our clients’ applications require – in order for us to provide the best resourcing strategy.