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Oracle Business Analytics

Oracle Business Analytics

We can enable you to leverage your IT systems in order to generate valuable business insight, be it to better understand your own performance, or as a basis to increase efficiencies and/or gain competitive advantage through driving innovation.

We are proud to work with Oracle, the number one vendor in business analytics, in order to offer the most complete and integrated range of analytical solutions that allow us to assist our customers in accessing more data, gain more understanding of their business and increase output efficiencies.


For small or emerging enterprises, our joint offering with Oracle can improve decision making through:

  • The provision of an analytical platform for the business that meets all the needs of the user, from dashboards, ad-hoc analysis and standard reporting to Mobile BI
  • A service offering specially adapted for smaller deployments which removes the complexity and simply provides self-service analytics to decision makers
  • The delivery of an agile solution that meets the business’s changing needs and one that can flex with your business
For larger companies, our joint approach can support:

  • The delivery of the same nimble solutions that we offer emerging enterprises, where the business user is no longer dependant on IT, whilst retaining IT’s need to govern
  • The creation of a single business “intelligence” platform to:
  • enable a unified & consistent set of business measures and performance indicators
  • provide enhanced decision making across the business and ensuring greater business alignment
  • drive effective business insight by embedding directly in the businesses processes and workflows
  • allow intelligent decision making throughout the business
  • deliver real business benefit incrementally throughout the analytical journey