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Our aim is to become an integral part of your team to really understand your key business drivers and act as a specialist to deliver highly advanced Oracle solutions.

We employ talented individuals who are specialists in the Oracle suite and who buy into our culture of focusing on understanding client need in order to deliver and exceed client expectation. We believe in developing talented individuals and offer relevant training to our staff to ensure they remain top of their field in terms of knowledge and experience and are in a position to add real value to our customers.

Thebes has a successful track record in independently designing, building and operating complex Oracle environments in blue chip clients over the last decade. We are a certified Gold Partner and are fast tracking our extensive Middleware and Analytics capability into the Oracle Specialisation Programs for 2015.

Thebes has specific business analytics experience in the Retail and Financial sectors (including e-commerce), however has the ability and agility to create value to all businesses in all sectors through delivering insightful analytical solutions. With deep knowledge of on prem, cloud & hybrid architectures, a capability to deliver bespoke transactional multi-source BI solutions as well as implementing the prebuilt BI solutions for transactional systems (ERP: EBS, CRM: Siebel, Eloqua), and a proven track record, Thebes are well placed to support your business.

We enable you to successfully leverage your investments in complex vendor technologies to meet your strategic goals. We utilise proven methodologies and are focused on service quality and delivery to ensure that you are extremely satisfied in our engagements.

Oracle Business Analytics

We can enable you to leverage your IT systems in order to generate valuable business insight, be it to better understand your own performance, or as a basis to increase efficiencies and/or gain competitive advantage through driving innovation.

We are proud to work with Oracle, the number one vendor in business analytics, in order to offer the most complete and integrated range of analytical solutions that allow us to assist our customers in accessing more data, gain more understanding of their business and increase output efficiencies.


For small or emerging enterprises, our joint offering with Oracle can improve decision making through:



  • The provision of an analytical platform for the business that meets all the needs of the user, from dashboards, ad-hoc analysis and standard reporting to Mobile BI
  • A service offering specially adapted for smaller deployments which removes the complexity and simply provides self-service analytics to decision makers
  • The delivery of an agile solution that meets the business’s changing needs and one that can flex with your business
For larger companies, our joint approach can support:



  • The delivery of the same nimble solutions that we offer emerging enterprises, where the business user is no longer dependant on IT, whilst retaining IT’s need to govern
  • The creation of a single business “intelligence” platform to:
  • enable a unified & consistent set of business measures and performance indicators
  • provide enhanced decision making across the business and ensuring greater business alignment
  • drive effective business insight by embedding directly in the businesses processes and workflows
  • allow intelligent decision making throughout the business
  • deliver real business benefit incrementally throughout the analytical journey

Oracle Fusion

We consider effective planning to be crucial to organisations of any size to realise their potential and stay ahead of competitors. We are delighted to work with Oracle to help customers implement and exploit Oracle Fusion Applications to plan for and manage their core business functions of:

  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Customer Relationship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Governance
  • Project Portfolio Management
We work with our customers to develop their Oracle Fusion Applications in order to realise real business efficiencies, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Decreased risk during implementation and integration
  • Reduced launch times for new initiatives
  • Flex and stretch capability to allow for future growth
  • instant updates of changes across all business processes, logic, intelligence and user interfaces
  • Increase productivity
  • Connected users across a secure platform
  • Quicker, informed decision making
  • Identification of new profitability and productivities throughout the enterprise
  • Flexible deployment options including onsite, hosted, cloud or a mixture of these
  • Tailored suit of applications to suit their business
  • Compatibility with existing applications

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

We believe that integrating business data will increasingly be key to quick decision making based on accurate, unified information. Thebes have the advantage of working with innovative Extract Load and Transform (E-LT) ODI tool to deliver high-class results, including superior developer productivity and improved user experience as well as comprehensive big data support and added parallelism when executing data integration processes.
We work with the latest version of Oracle’s comprehensive Data Integration platform to ensure that all your data integration requirements are captured when integrating data, from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes and SOA-enabled data services. Benefits include:

  • High-performance bulk data movement and data transformation
  • E-LT architecture for improved performance and lower TCO
  • Heterogeneous platform support for enterprise data integration
  • Knowledge modules for optimised developer productivity and extensibility
  • Service-oriented data integration and management for SOA environments

Oracle Managed Cloud Services

We supply technology solutions for both today and tomorrow’s markets, growing with customers as they increasingly move from local to cloud based IT solutions. We are privileged to work as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS). OMCS allows organisations to grow business applications, middleware, database and hardware technologies into the Cloud and we offer innovative managed service solutions to support customers to leverage their IT investments. Understanding the core business drivers when moving to Cloud solutions is key to providing on-point solutions and we work hard to understand customer needs to:
  • enable benefits of working with the latest Oracle technologies and innovations
  • minimise upgrade cost through proactive change management
  • transform key processes
  • provide end-to-end managed cloud services
  • Offer cloud deployment models without lock-in
  • provide flexibility as requirements shift
  • enable a cloud solution that fits every layer of a technology portfolio
  • reduce governance risk, increase security and provide regulatory compliance
  • operate standardised processes
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