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Apprenticeships are a vital alternative career pathway for individuals preferring to opt for skills-based learning rather than university based learning, after college. Thebes Group is the right place to come to, if seeking hands-on learning and the opportunity to learn on the job and gain practical skills.

Our apprenticeships provide both capability and competency based learning opportunities, including workplace placements, for what age range please?, to come and learn a trade and develop the confidence to vie in industry for roles, with academically trained peers.


An apprenticeship with Thebes Group is exciting, challenging and rewarding because you will be provided with the rare opportunity to become a contributing member of the team right from the start.  Exposure to enterprise IT solutions and real market conditions make the hands-on program a learning experience that is unsurpassed.

Thebes Group is proud to be included in the ‘Trailblazer’ group of employers, working with the UK government to provide a standard of excellence for such training.  Covering four critical components, an apprenticeship at Thebes gives individuals a rounded, in-depth understanding of fundamental principles, techniques, technologies and workplace behaviors. Together, these components ensure an apprentice develops full competence in their specified job role and learns to demonstrate vital soft skills required, so as to be successful in the workplace.

On completion of the one year apprenticeship program, candidates can enter into a further two’ years of training under the Thebes two-year post apprenticeship program. Training, at this stage, focuses on personal development as well as core technical training. Courses and competencies taught include ITIL, Effective Communication, Customer Service, Self-Management and tailored Business Management.

We work with a number of international clients to provide opportunities for apprentices to work on challenging projects, providing a valuable opportunity to fast track your career path.



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