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Women in Thebes

Women in Thebes


Women in Thebes

Created in 2015 in response to growing concern over gender inequality within the IT industry, Women in Thebes aims to promote equal opportunities within our organisation by focusing on delivering the right people for the right role and developing talented individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of gender.

Mission Statement

Sourcing, growing and developing talented and dedicated individuals from all backgrounds into the IT industry, in order to enhance equal opportunities within Thebes.


  1. Ensure a robust talent acquisition process that does not discriminate in order to nurture the best talent possible.
  2. Raise the profile of women as leaders within Thebes to provide a diverse workforce at all levels possible.
  3. Promote females as role models to inspire both the younger generation and other IT professionals within Thebes.
  4. Equip staff, associates, clients and partners with information to encourage informed discussion around salary equality.


  1. Keep equal opportunities at the core of the resourcing process, resourcing based on ability, experience, characteristics rather than gender, ethnicity, cultural background etc.
  2. Implement initiatives to help the organisation train and develop employees in order to grow the best talent within the organisation.
  3. Implement initiatives to mentor aspiring professionals within Thebes in order for them to develop within the IT industry.
  4. Promote women as leaders to increase their representation within the organisation.
  5. Keep abreast of salaries offered in the IT industry, and provide information to facilitate informed discussion around salary equality.